A Fundamentals Class
in Men's Peer Counselling
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Humans have an inherent tension release process that allows the discharge and re-evaluation of painful emotions and tensions which free a persons intelligence. This class series is about
getting the exchange of that process started for men. The process is outlined in
the Getting Started with Men article and is based in Re-evaluation Counselling.

Introductory Evening and Setup of Class

Class 1 - Getting Started
The needs of men in starting emotional work involved in peer counselling
The art of listening
What to do in your first few peer-counselling sessions.
Class 2 - Distresses
The nature of distress recordings
Three ways distress is encountered
Intermittent vs. chronic patterns
Short and long term effects of distress
The distinction between the person and the pattern

Class 3 - Simple Techniques
Working with another's attention.
Some simple techniques
Attention out (at end of session)
What to do in your next few peer-counselling sessions

Class 4 - Discharge
The mechanisms of discharge
Men's needs in the opening up of the discharge process

Class 5 - Human Needs and Addictions
Rational needs
Frozen needs
Class 6 - Logic
The logic of being completely logical
Complete appreciation of oneself
Who's in charge
The importance of long-range goals
Class 7 - Contradictions
Contradictions to distress patterns
The four things to do while being a counsellor
Class 8 - Reality
Reality vs. pseudo-reality
The thinking process
Complete freedom of choice
Complete power
The Reality Agreement
Class 9 - Commitments
A using range of Commitments for various groups
Class 10 - Oppression
The one-point program of Sydney Men's Network
Oppression - definition, history and function
The different oppression's
Internalized oppression
Discharging oppressive distresses
Propositions for human liberation

Class 11 - Men's Oppression
Relationships to other groups - children, women, gay men
The institutions that oppress men
Men's role in ending the oppression of women
Until the ending of women's oppression - the need for men to take care of women
Class 12 - Sexuality and Relationships
Love between human beings
Rational relationships between men and women
A rational theory of sexuality
How to counsel on distress related to sexuality
Class 13 - Leadership
Human leadership vs conditioned leadership
Leading a support group
Leading a discussion group
Making it safe to learn to lead
Building leadership skills in others.

Class 14 - The Sydney Men's Network
The Guidelines
Community Membership
Workshops, support groups, classes, etc.

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